Summer day walks

The other day I managed to spill ice tea on my pc. After a day of drying out it started working again except that the key-board is stuck. I still haven’t been able to fix the problem but luckily there is this on-screen keyboard. Only writing with this is soooo slow. So this post will be mainly photos.

The photos are taken on two walks up the valley where the village fields are located and then a bit further. The fist walk was on mid-summer day, second a few days ago.

Yellow fields

The last peonies. The flowering is almost over.

Because of all the flowers there are many, many butterflies.

What is this? It's edible when ripe.

It's leaves

The new cones of the spruce are purple.

More butterflies

one on my bag

some on my hand

and some on my shoe

And flowers…

What is this?